Preparation and application of activated carbon treated by KOH

何沛 HP


以滇朴为碳源,通过化学活化法成功制备出高性能的活性碳材料.并对其结构、形貌及性能进行了表征.SEM照片结果表明,利用KOH活化而得到的活性碳材料仍然保留了滇朴的纤维结构.通过KOH活化处理,活性碳材料中存在大量的芳香环,石墨微晶结构变多.BET结果证明活化后的活性碳材料含有丰富的微孔结构,孔径约为35 nm.利用此类活性碳材料对卷烟主流烟气成分进行吸附实验,KOH活化的活性碳对烟气中有害成分表现出更好的吸附性能. The activated carbon with large surface areas was synthesized by the activated carbon with Celtis tetrandra Roxb wood used as the raw material, and its structure, morphology and absorption properties were investigated. According to its SEM image and aromatic rings reflecting its IR spectrum, the carbon activated by KOH maintains the thin fiber shape of the wood tissue.A lot of graphene micro-crystals have been produced in the carbon activated by KOH. The BET curves indicate that this sample has a rich micropore structure with the size of about 3.5 nm. Through the test of its absorption properties for the major components of cigarette smoke, this sample exhibits an excellent absorption ability for some components of cigarette smoke.


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