Determination of the dissolution of citalopram hydrobromide chewable tablets by HPLC

曹天海 CTH


建立高效液相色谱法测定氢溴酸西酞普兰咀嚼片溶出度的方法.采用C18色谱柱,01mol/L[JP] V(乙腈)∶001mol/L V(醋酸铵)∶V(庚烷磺酸钠)=4∶6∶1(以冰醋酸调节pH值至60)为流动相,检测波长为238nm.结果表明,氢溴酸西酞普兰在00322~01128mg/ml浓度范围内线性关系良好,定量限和检测限为15ng及05ng,方法回收率为1024%.该方法简便,快速,准确,可用于其质量控制. An HPLC method was established for the determination of the dissolution of citalopram hydrobromide chewable tablets. A C18 column was used with the mobile phase of acetonitrile-0.1mol/L ammonium acetate solution -001mol/L sodium 1-heptanesulfonate(4∶[KG-*3/5]6∶[KG-*3/5]1)(pH adjusted to 60 by glacial acetic acid) at the wavelength of 238nm. The results showed that the calibration curve of citalopram hydrobromide was linear in the concentration range of 00322mg/ml—01128mg/ml. The LOQ and LOD were 15ng and 05ng. The average recovery was 1024%. The method was simple,convenient, rapid and accurate.It could be used as a method of quality control.


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