HPLC determination of six prenylated chalcones in Desmodium renifolium from different sources

耿慧春 GHC


建立3种不同产地的肾叶山蚂蝗中主要活性成分含量测定的方法并测定其含量.以90%的甲醇作提取剂并采用高速匀浆法进行提取,选取HPLC 法测定6种异戊基查尔酮的含量,采用Waters XTerra RP-18液相色谱柱 (4.6mm×250mm,3.5μm),以甲醇-0.5%的乙酸溶液作流动相,流速为1.0mL/min; 检测波长为285nm.研究结果表明, 6种异戊基查尔酮对照品分别在0.50~250,0.50~250,0.40~220,0.40~200,0.40~200,和0.40~260μg/mL 范围内呈良好线性关系,相关系数r在0.9995~0.9998之间,回收率分别为95.7%~102.4%、97.0%~104.2%、95.0%~101.2%、98.5%~103.4%、95.4%~103.8% 和96.5%~103.3%,RSD在1.78%~2.68% (n=7) 之间,最低检出限在40~50ng/mL之间,3种不同产地的肾叶山蚂蝗中6种异戊基查尔酮的含量在1.21~4.56mg/g 之间.该方法所得结果准确可靠,回收率高,重现性好,检出限较低,可用于肾叶山蚂蝗中主要活性成分含量的测定. This research measured six prenylated chalcones in Desmodium renifolium from three sources by using a HPLC method. The procedure was based on a high speed homogenization extraction of test portions with 90%ethanol solution, followed by the direct HPLC analysis of the extracts. The chromatographic conditions were as follows: a Waters XTerraRP-18 column (4.6 mm×250 mm, 3.5 μm) and a mobile phase composed of methanol and 05% acetate -H2O, the flow rate of the mobile phase 1.0 mL/min, and detection wavelength 285 nm A good linear relationship between the peak area and concentration in the six prenylated chalcones was in the ranges of 0.50—250 (0.9 5), 0.50—250 (0.999 8), 0.40—220 (0.999 6), 0.40—200 (0.999 7), 0.40—200 (0.9996), and 0.40—260 (0.999 8) μg/mL respectively. The mean recoveries were 95.7%—102.4%, 97.0%—104.2%, 95.0%—101.2%, 98.5%—103.4%, 95.4%—103.8%, and 96.5%—103.3% with the RSDs of 1.78%—2.68% (n=7), respectively. The values of LODs were between 40 ng/mL and 50 ng/mL. The contents of the six prenylated chalcones in the title plant from the three sources determined by this method were from1.21 to 4.56 mg/g. This method is accurate, fast, and simple, and therefore can be used for the determination of the main active compounds in Desmodium renifolium.


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