Influence of HTK parameters on the recognition rate of the isolated words of the Pumi language

苏洁 SJ


普米语是一种无文字的少数民族语言,目前已处于濒危状态,建立语音语料库及开展语音识别研究是保护和传承普米语的重要手段.基于HTK的语音识别中,参数的选取对不同语言的识别率有很大的影响.针对MFCC维数、HMM状态数及GMM个数这3个参数对普米语的识别率进行研究,结果表明:普米语语音识别的最佳MFCC维数为13维,最佳HMM状态数为8个,最佳GMM个数为3个. Visual tracking based on image segmentation and proto-object detection is a potential tracking approach. Firstly, it gives an image sequence based on multiple segmentations, and uses PLSA to classify each segment region; then it obtains the final proto-objects based on selecting the candidate regions from these segment regions for a selective combination. Finally, the target is tracked with the Bayesian approach based on the spatial information of the proto-objects from the previously obtained proto-objects. It uses the EM algorithm to optimize the tracking method. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed approach achieves good performance which can robustly deal with occlusion, distraction as well as illumination variation.


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