CSPW: An improved design of the SpaceWire bus

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欧洲航天局制定的SpaceWire总线标准,因受到物理因素的限制,数据传输速度最高仅能达到200 Mbps.为了提高数据传输速度,通过修改SpaceWire总线标准的字符层和相关功能逻辑,形成了CSPW(Collateral SpaceWire)总线,并实现了CSPW总线控制器.该总线不仅保留了SpaceWire总线抗干扰性、高可靠性以及高性能等优点,还具有并行传输数据的能力.理论上,该总线传输速度可以达到SpaceWire总线的3倍以上.仿真结果表明,CSPW总线控制器达到了设计的目标功能,符合数据传输的要求. European Space Agency has proposed the SpaceWire standard. Since it is affected by physical constraints, the transmission speed of the SpaceWire bus can only reach 200 Mbps. In order to improve the speed of data transmission of the SpaceWire bus through modifying the character layer and logic function, it puts forward the CSPW(Collateral SpaceWire)bus and achieves the CSPW-bus controller. The CSPW bus has not only advantages of anti-interference, high reliability and high performance, but also parallel transmission capacity. In theory, the transmission speed of the CSPW bus can reach more than 3 times of the SpaceWire bus. The simulation result shows that this CSPW-bus controller has achieved the goal of the design, and can meet the demand for data transmission.


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