Determination and speciation analysis of the microelements in Rauvolfia by ICP-MS

俞芳 YF


采用电感耦合等离子体质谱法 (ICP-MS) 测定了中药萝芙木中 9 种微量元素的含量及形态分析.样品采用去离子水浸提,HNO3-H2O2 电炉加热消解,电感耦合等离子体质谱法 (ICP-MS) 测定,用茶叶标准物质对测定方法的准确度进行验证,初步探究微量元素的存在形态.结果显示萝芙木中 9 种微量元素的总含量大小为 Zn>Mn>Pb>Fe>Cu>Cr>As>Ni>Cd,水提液中各元素的含量大小为 Zn>Mn>As>Ni>Cr>Pb>Cd ,Fe 和 Cu 未检出.水提残渣态中各元素的含量为 0.014~9.643μg/g,水提液中 Zn、Mn、Cr、As、Ni 元素都存在可溶有机态和可溶无机态,有机态与无机态的比率值在 28.12%~264.55% 之间,其中 Zn、Cr、Ni 的有机态大于无机态,比值大于166.67%;颗粒吸附率在7.69%~125% 之间.萝芙木中9种微量元素是以多种形态共存的复杂体系. This research focuses on the determination and speciation analysis of the microelements of Zn,Mn,Pb,Fe,Cu,Cr,As,Ni and Cd in Rauvolfia by the Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry(ICP-MS). The samples are extracted with deionized water,digested by HNO3-H2O2 electrical furnace heating,and determined by ICP-MS. The precision of the determination is validated by tea leaves GBW10016. The results show that the contents of the microelements are Zn>Mn>Pb>Fe>Cu>Cr>As>Ni>Cd,while the aqueous extraction reveals Zn>Mn>As>Ni>Cr>Pb>Cd,and Fe and Cu are not detected. The residual form in the contents of each element is 0.014—9.643μg/g,the elements of Zn,Mn,Cr,As and Ni are both in a soluble organic state and a soluble inorganic state in the water extract,the ratio of the organic state to the inorganic state is in the range of 2812%—26455%,and the organic states of Zn,Cr and Ni are greater than those of the inorganic states; their ratio is greater than 166.67% respectively; the adsorption ratio of the suspension state is about 7.69%—125%; nine kinds of microelements in Rauwolfia are found to comprise a complex system with the characteristics of the coexistence of various states.


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