Research and improvement on the synthesis process of DL-valine

钏永明 CYM


S报道了一种改进的合成DL-正缬氨酸的方法,以正戊酸为起始原料,通过酰氯化、羰基α-溴化,酰氯水解后先制得α-溴代的正戊酸,再通过氨解反应制得DL-正缬氨酸.经4步反应得到DL-正缬氨酸,总收率为67%.与现有方法相比较,反应条件温和,反应活性高,操作简便,试剂廉价易得,产物收率高. Aiming at the synthesis of DL-norvaline,an improved synthetic process of DL-novaline from n-valeric acid via the chloroformylation, bromination of carbonyl α-position, hydrolyzed and ammonolysis reactions was reported, with the total yield being 67%. Compared with reported methods, the improved process had some advantages such as mild reaction conditions, high reactivity, easy operation, readily available reagents and high product yield.


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