Cyanation of 2-bromobenzofurans(thiophenes) compounds promoted by CuI

周丽 ZL


采用CuI作为促进剂,氰基三甲基硅烷(TMSCN)作为氰化试剂,DMF作为溶剂的条件下可以顺利地发生氰化反应,高产率地得到了一系列2-氰基苯并呋喃(噻吩)类化合物,并对产物进行了表征.该方法与传统氰化反应相比,避免了使用毒性较大的氰化钠或氰化钾作为氰化试剂,并且还具有条件温和、产率高和选择性好的特点. The cynation of 2-bromobenzofurans(thiophenes) can be reacted smoothly under the conditions of CuI as promoters, TMSCN as cyanating reagents, DMF as solvent. The high yields of a series of 2-cyanobenzofurans(thiophenes) were obtained, and the the products were characterized by NMR and IR. Compared with the traditional method of cyanation, this method does not use the toxic sodium cyanide or potassium cyanide as cyanide reagent, and has the advantages of mild condition, high yield and excellent selectivity.


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